Make Plush – Not War!

Since the inception of my plush-making craze, my creations have gone through a thorough evolution. For some reason, after I figured out the finer points of push making, my first few pieces had a distinct theme – weapons. I guess it was a phase, and one that I may revisit again soon. Here are a few of my plush weapons – original designs – much squishier than the real thing! (and lovingly referred to by others as plush nasties!)Plank and Nail
02_08-011-small.jpg The Plank and Nail – for rioting angry mobs driving various beasts, monsters, or witches from their villages. (This remains my favorite piece I have ever made) The Spiky Ball

Spiky Ball Face

The Spiky Ball – For throwing at your friends! (The first piece I made that was truly 3-D) The Hatchet-Wielding GoblinThe Hatchet-Wielding Goblin – He has a fuzzy belly, a shark-like smile, and he’s ready to chop!

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