Plushy Love from Coast to Coast

(Before I begin I want to cover a few fine points:

1. Although I think little plush weapons are extremely adorable, I do not condone warfare. Wielding a real life plank and nail with the intent to impale someone with it is NOT COOL.

2. I know that Pterodactyl is a hard word to spell. P-T-E-R-O-D-A-C-T-Y-L. I apologize. I admire the perseverance of everyone who has visited this website, because they probably had to retype the web address a few times just to get here! I love you all for it. Bookmark me!)

The rest of this post is dedicated to the members of my plush family that have gone off to spread their loving warmth to friends and family all over the country. Perhaps someday there will be Pterodactyl Pants Plush living in every country in the world! I would like to introduce you to:

Mr. Angry Face 

Mr. Angry-Face, he might be a scowler, but he loves to snuggle! – Adopted by Christine

Mini Piranha 

Baby Piranha – hasn’t even gotten it’s baby piranha teeth yet! – Adopted by Dasi


The Hippo – Adopted by Darcy

Mini Elephant

Baby Elephant – Adopted by Yauss (He drills her on her med-school flashcards. He is very knowledgeable about bones and things – his favorite is the Humerus!)


Cedric the Gnome – Adopted by Lana and moved to Cleveland (a marshy grove on the outskirts of Paris)

Cedric - Full


Snail – Adopted by my Momma, shipped off to Eugene, OR, and making new friends! (See below)

Splash and Snail

Rainbow Snake 

(I love this material, as you may have noticed.) This is a very Slithery Snake – Adopted by Cassie and toted off to North Carolina. I’m jealous!


It’s Worms! Adopted by Eliz, and living now in the Big Apple! How wonderful that must be for a worm.

Phew! That’s all for now, I need some sleep. For those of you who know about the cello, expect those pictures to be posted soon. That one needs a post unto itself, it was such an undertaking. I have other little creeps and creatures still un-introduced to everyone. They will be unveiled soon. In the meantime, write me comments, send me emails, tell me you love them, hate them, want more more more of them!

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