A Lesson Learned on Three Legs

Three-Legged Monster

Tripod Monster Close Up 

An Imperfect Monster Haiku:

My spindly legs shake, 

But I’m slightly clairvoyant.

I can see for days.  

This one was tough. It was an exploration of form and function. The part that you can’t see are three pointed legs, stuffed, that act as the tripod to keep this monster standing upright. And they worked – it stands, although leaning awkwardly as the green leg is freakishly longer than the other two. Lesson learned from this project: It’s ok to dive in without knowing where you’re headed. Just don’t be distraught when the end result is not exactly what you wanted. This little creature has a special place in my heart for all its imperfection. Oh, well. Back to the sewing table!  

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