Two Horns, A Beard, and a Heart!

The Goat.

Goat Face

Another commissioned piece. I didn’t know how fun goat making would be!

Goat front view

Yes, he’s slightly stout. I mean, he’s HUGE! His legs barely reach the floor, his belly is so rotund.

Goat side view

The signature butt-heart.

Goat Butt

A Pudgy Goat Haiku:

If I were a duck

I would waddle to your house.

We would eat pancakes.

That has nothing to do with goats! Let’s try again.

A Bearded Goat Haiku:

Stubborn as a cow

I was born to disagree.

Come butt heads with me!

More to come!

One thought on “Two Horns, A Beard, and a Heart!

  1. This adorable goat just arrived at our home today. He is the cutest little creature we have ever seen.

    He will be in good company with many other goats large and small, bearded and un. Someday maybe we can send a picture of this little fella with his brothers and sisters.

    Best of all, the signature butt-heart will remind us that he was made and given with love.


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