Slicing and Dicing

Who knows what lurks behind those eyes? Is it sinister? Or just misunderstood? Introducing….. The Mini Scythe! (Thanks to Darcy for suggesting this one! Another installment of Mini-Mobbers.) Thick as thieves, these two. A Scythe Haiku: A swing of my blade Levels fields at harvest time – And also your heart! Don’t you want one?

Who’s This Guy?

Who is this Furry Little Creep? I have no idea. He’s the life of the party, though, and boy, does he LOVE the camera! Here are some of his more daring poses: A Purple Monster Haiku: My toothy grin says I would like to shake your hand. But I have no arms.

The Cello

The Cello. A custom, handmade instrument for my Dad. Let the pictures speak for themselves. The pictures were taken on my old camera, so please excuse the sub-par quality. This piece was so rewarding to make. Enjoy!