SuperManzana Multicolor!

No, it’s not a Beach Ball, it’s a HUGE APPLE. I know, I know. Apple number 3? (It’s actually number 4!) And there will be others! There may even be a pear in my future . . . or a papaya. Who knows? This may look like an ordinary multi-colored apple, but trust me, it’s extremely big. And asymmetrical, like a real piece of fruit from nature’s bounty.

Big apple 1

For making large pies. Or tarts. Or fritters. For giants.

Here’s one side:

Big Apple 2

Here’s the other side:

Big Apple 3

The little red apple is the size of a real apple, to give you some perspective.

Big Apple 4

It’s enormous!

Here’s a Gigantic Multi-colored Apple Haiku:

For you, quite lavish.

But for every wicked witch,

a necessity.

Thanks for stopping by! As always, leave me some love in the form of an email or a comment, whether I know you or not. The other day I got a hit from Istanbul! Amazing.

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