Mysterious Cities of Plush

Hello! I have not forgotten about all of you! I am working feverishly in my mad science lab, creating new friends and monsters. But I can’t show them to you yet, as they are for the big show. Deadline for submissions is May 2nd, so the site may be quiet for the next week or two.

I’ll try to post some teasers to give you a sneak peak of what will be unveiled in St. Louis in June. (I’ll post the full pictures of my submissions to the show when the show actually opens.) Also, all of my special woodland creatures being sent to St. Louis will be appearing in a limited edition coffee table book when the show opens, and will be available to view that way as well.

In the meantime – be patient! I beg you! I’ll be back as soon as I can with pictures, haikus, and new friends for all.

In other news, shiny new business cards have arrived – another step in the grand-master-plan! I’ll be able to stock my Etsy store pretty soon now. (I could have done it already but the show takes precedence!) Keep your eyes peeled, and I will of course send out a huge announcement when my store finally opens.

You’ve all been so wonderful. I hope you are on the edge of your seats with excitement about what’s to come from me. You will not be disappointed!

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