I feel like an Eggplant.

But what you are about to see is NOT an eggplant.

Purple Face close up

It’s a purple pear.

Purple Pear 2

With a heart.

Purple Pear 3

It has a been a very long, and not a very good week for me. But at least this little guy cheers me up.

I hope he cheers you up, too.

Unfortunately, there is not enough cheer left in me for haiku-ing.

Sorry! I know how much you all love them. (wink, wink)

One thought on “I feel like an Eggplant.

  1. Perhaps a little help?

    I am pear
    I am purple
    hear me roar
    Butt heart

    haha hows that? Im really not much of a poet. I would wish you luck with the contest, but your work speaks for itself, so I will simply say “go buy a bag for your trophy’s, they can get heavy”


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