Spilling the Beans

Here are the beans! I’ve noticed on other plush pages that no one has qualms about showing their Crammed Organisms submissions off now, way before the show begins. So why should I?

Here goes. (Sound trumpets.)

Here are my submission for the show. 9 pieces in all.

The Apples (The big one is the only one that made the cut, but I like the picture.)


The Woodsman and his Ax

Woodsman and ax

The Burrowing Grub (notice his spiral-y shape)

Burrowing Grub

Burrowing Grub Face

The Demon Grub (These are HUGE, keep in mind.)

Demon Grub

Demon Grub Face

The Classic Maggot (also huge)

Maggot Classic

Classic Maggot Face

The Woodland Evolution Triptych

Evolution triptych

Evolution: Adulthood

The Age of the Proud Mane-Waddle

Evolution Adult

Evolution: Adolescence

The Age of the Awkward Back-Waddle

Evolution Adolescence

Evolution: Infancy

The Age of the Vestigial Chin-Waddle

Evolution Infancy

So . . . what do you think?

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