Vapor and Whim-Wham


Grey Maggot 1

I think I have perfected the design. Fuzzy, adorable, and good for a snuggle.

Grey Maggot 2

And of course . . .

Grey Maggot 3

The belly:

Grey Maggot 4

The booty!

Grey Maggot 5

A Perfect Maggot Haiku:

I splash in puddles,

And when I start to feel clean,

I roll in the mud!

Mother’s Day maggot

A Mother’s Day Maggot thrown in for good measure.

5 thoughts on “Vapor and Whim-Wham

  1. A maggot Haiku from the outskirts of Paris.

    An infestation
    all fuzzy, wuzzy, and cute
    Did I mention cute?


  2. I LOVE my Mother’s Day maggot!

    haiku for you:

    Lavender maggot
    so much more cuddly than Splash
    and fewer hairballs

    thanks, Jessie!


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