The Manx

The Manx is a funny looking creature! A semi-rotund, tailless cat. This is my interpretation, commissioned by a friend and lover of manxes. I hope I did it justice.

Manx 1

Kind of resembles an Ork (of Lord of the Rings fame), doesn’t it?

Manx 2

Adorable, nonetheless.

This is my backyard. (Although “yard” may be a stretch)

Manx 4

And from the top! Look at those ears.

Manx 3

This was an experimental piece, and my second attempt at a Manx shape. I am really pleased with the tabby-esque fur pattern. It took a long time to sew together.

A Manx Haiku:

I woke up one day,

And my tail had disappeared!

I am still confused.

3 thoughts on “The Manx

  1. very cute, and a departure from the vermin. I love the way their butts are higher than their backs, and you captured that nicely. Splash is still surprised that she HAS a tail, maybe she was a manx in a prior life.


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