Spellers of the world, what would I do without you? It’s a wattle! Sorry it’s taken me so long, I haven’t had much time for sewing lately. This is a sneak peak at what I’m working on. All I have left to decide on is the mouth/teeth/beak? Who knows what sort of twisted hybrid this creature will be?

Wattle 1

In other plushy news, my first plush show opens next weekend!

The limited edition book releases June 20th!

I am also in the midst of applying (or thinking about applying) for this and this!

A Spreading Oneself Craftily Thin Haiku:

In faraway lands,

Tentacles and tenterhooks,

Pterodactyl Pants!

One thought on “W-a-t-t-l-e

  1. A student in my office said if someone made a wattle hat she would wear it and then another one said “me too!” Plush wattle hats may hold the key to your future!


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