The Nautiloid

That’s actually a word! A great one, at that.

Behold, the slightly horrifying, wonderment-inducing beast of the ocean!

Nautiloid 1

The horror!

Nautiloid 2

Nautiloid 3

The underbelly of the beast!

Nautiloid 4

Whatever you do, do not mention the likeness it bears to a chicken! It will crush you instantly with its Tarantula Fangs!

Nautiloid 5

A Nautiloid Haiku:

Tiny green plankton

Festooned between my large fangs,

I save them for weeks!

Nautiloid 6

Here it is giving you the eyeball. What murky insanity lingers behind those eyes?

Seriously, people, this one was tough, and I battled with it like a warrior. For days. I love the way it turned out because it is nothing like I had anticipated. It’s also unlike anything I have made yet. I guess that means I’m growing! Yes! Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “The Nautiloid

  1. This is amazing…a bit dark…but I love it. Here’s a haiku or two.

    Naughty Nautiloid
    Loveable, but don’t cross her.
    Naughty Nautiloid.


    On the ocean floor
    She scurries looking for food.
    Move quickly or else!


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