The Rodamaur (aka Bryobia Praetosa)

Better known to you as the Clover Mite. Those tiny little red bugs you see everywhere come spring time. Rodamaur means “red ant” in Icelandic, apparently. I like it.

Rodamaur 3

This little critter has seen better days, however. He can not, in fact, see anything at all!

Rodamaur 1

The Gaping Maw:

Rodamaur 4

Some fresh air:

Rodamaur 2

A Predatorial Haiku:

My tummy rumbles.

You won’t hear me sneaking up

On my tippy toes.

Rodamaur 6

By the way . . . I got in to the Pitchfork Depart-ment Show! Whooo! So, if you find yourself at the Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago this summer, stop on by and buy some plush. (That means you, all you die-hard Public Enemy fans!)

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