The Anomaly

For some reason I thought it was spelled “anomale”.

This piece is the first tiny step in a new direction for me. It is the first, practice version of a piece I have designed to be much more grandiose, but don’t have the time to finish right now.

Anomaly 1

Imagine elaborate beadwork.

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 3

The rear view. I think I am going through a swirly phase right now. Let’s call it my “swirly period.”

(My high school doodles were all quite swirly, actually.)

(My college doodles were, too.)

Anomaly 4

A Swirly Anomaly Haiku:

In the cosmosphere

Of my imagination,

I snicker slowly.

2 thoughts on “The Anomaly

  1. This guy is great. It actually looks like a proboscis monkey, with a soulful, quizzical look on its face. Tail too.


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