Put Your Hands Up!

There’s a story behind this guy.

The Deputy.

Deputy 1

I made a version of this months ago, on a whim, and decided that I hated it! I thought it looked silly. (Admittedly, it was much less cool than the new version you see here.) I don’t have any pictures of it. I did, however, take it to the Pitchfork show, and sure enough, it sold on the first day! So there was a mad dash to make another one – and as you can see it came out pretty hilariously.

Deputy 2

Moustaches are back! (Unfortunately.)

This fella walked off today with proud new owners, and will no doubt bring mirth to the masses for years to come.

A Moustachioed Haiku:

Friedrich Nietzsche rocked

A moustache inferior

To my handlebars.

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