The Nightshade Family

Doesn’t that sound like a mysterious family from a Gothic novel? That’s actually the name for the family of plants that the potato comes from.

And who doesn’t love the potato?

Last week, at the Pitchfork show, I had the pleasure of meeting the Potato Guy, aka Eric. (To be fair, I told him I wouldn’t call him the Potato Guy, if he didn’t call me the Maggot Girl. Sorry!)

He said he could never find any potato plush, so I thought. . . why not?

Here’s my first go at it.

potato 1

A good old fashioned Russet Potato – on the smallish side.

Potato 2

I tried to make it as knobbly, dimply, and asymmetrical as possible.

Potato 3

I just love the way the photos came out!

POtato 4

A Starchy Haiku:

I’ve been watching you.

And with my myriad eyes,

I see everything.

POtato 5

How fun! There will be more potatoes on the way someday – I am thinking about trying some different methods – particularly the utilization of the French knot. I was also thinking of trying some different fabrics for a more potato-y effect. Perhaps some old wool sweaters? Let me know if you have any good ideas!

4 thoughts on “The Nightshade Family

  1. Wow, that’s pretty great! And, you did that fast. The Nightshade Family reference is funny, and it could make a for a good Gothic tuber tale. Or a line of mysterious potatoes, dressed all in black. There really is a lack of potato plush out there.
    So, it seems your starchy creations are still in the developing stages?
    Well, I look forward to more…


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