Gaze into my crystal ball – what do you see?

Crystal ball 1

This one is for a Plush Team Challenge – Let’s go to the Fair. So I thought about the fair and the sideshow – and voila! The crystal ball from the Fortune Teller’s tent.

Crystal ball 2

Again, due to the lighting limitations in my apartment, I tried to find a natural sunlit environment that was pertinent to the subject matter.

crystal ball 4

In the end, though, this one was tricky. The platform came easily, but the ball turned out so heavy, that the challenge was connecting the two pieces. I opted to fill the base with dried kidney beans, to weigh it down. That way, it stands up comfortably and doesn’t topple over. The whole piece is pretty heavy now, but fun to hold.

A Fortune Teller’s Haiku:

Step into my tent.

I’ll show you what hides beneath

the crystal curtain.

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