Sally Jane

A friend of mine commissioned this piece. It is an exact (as possible) replica of her older sister’s most-loved doll from childhood. One of those old, mangy toys like we’ve all been carting around for our entire lives. We all have those, right? Soon her sister will have a fresh, new plush version of her old favorite!

Meet Sally Jane:

sally jane 1

She’s kind of creepy, right? Keep in mind that she has a plastic doll head (hard to recreate in plush) and she’s missing an eyeball.

sally jane 2

The hair was described to me as needing to be “booger green.” I actually love the yarn that I found for the hair, and the boogery color of it.

sally Jane 3

A Favorite Doll Haiku:

Look under the bed!

I’ve been here for a few years,

And I need some hugs.

sally jane 4

Would you like to have your favorite childhood toy recreated? Easy as pie! Just send me an email.

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