Shameless Plug

for the Plush Team! I can’t help it! They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and it’s so great to have a group of fellow plush-lovers to talk plush with. The challenges have been fun, as well (you remember the Crystal Ball of a few posts ago) and here’s another – PT Stitchy, the Plush Team mascot. He’ll be up for grabs in me Etsy Shop tomorrow, and 20% of proceeds go back to the team. It’s the least I can do!

Stitchy 2

Some of the finer details. You can see NervousOnion’s drawing of PT on the side of my page – I tried to be as accurate as possible.

Stitchy 3

You can see he is quite stitchy.

Stitchy 4

A Team Spirit Haiku:

Worlds of stitches

Parlay from your fingertips.

I gobble them up!

(It’s poetry, people. Don’t hassle me about the “parlay”!)

Stitchy 5

This was the hardest part right here. Teeny letters stitched in a teeny fashion. Yikes.

Stitchy 6

Not too shabby. What’s next?

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