Ballistic Trauma

Hello all! Where have I been? Working on Renegade…or feeling bad about how little work I’ve been doing to prepare for Renegade. Three weeks away! I’m going Maggot-crazy!

Here’s a little something new I whipped up to break up the pre-craft-show monotony.

Bullet wound 1

My original sketch depicted an unfortunate monster, glancing down in horror at his colorful bullet wound.

Bullt wound 2

As you can see, the bullet penetrated both sides of his body. The final product did not really look scary or gorey, or bullet-wound-y at all. Let’s be honest. It looks like a neck pillow.

Bullet wound 3

But the “eye ball” (above) looks pretty neat. And, really, the eyeball (below) looks neat, too.
BUllet wound 4

Maybe I’ll try this one again someday, with the intention of making it a bit grosser and more creepy. But for now, here is a cute, cuddly, monster faced . . . neck pillow. Enjoy!

A Hypnotic Haiku:

What was that you said?

You’re getting very sleepy?

Stop looking at me!

One thought on “Ballistic Trauma

  1. This reminds me of Babar, the elephant, you know, the story where they paint targets on their tushes? I did not think neck pillow at all.


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