Soggy Plush @ Renegade

Hello, all you avid plush fans! I am truly exhausted after a day in the rain, but I’ll post some quick pics up here for your enjoyment. Here is PterodactylPants’ little corner of plush heaven at the Plush Team’s booth at Chicago’s Renegade Craft Festival. (That’s a mouthful!)

renegade 1

The adorable little Mr. T, Pam Anderson, and Dog the Bounty Hunter, etc. belong to Kezzaroo. Her plush is awesome.

renegade 3

There’s the giant maggot! Despite what you may think, people LOVE to hug maggots.

I’m off to sleep in preparation for another day of plush-mania. Wish me luck! I’ll check back in with more pictures and updates tomorrow.

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