The Grand Marnier

The Grand Marnier – of ancient royal descent!

He’s been motorcaded to Oregon as a special birthday surprise for my big sister.

marnier 1

That’s his fuzzy belly, but it kinda looks like he’s vomiting fur.  Awesome!

Marnier 2

Some might ask – why the Grand Marnier?

grand marnier

You don’t see the resemblance? I do!

Marnier 3

Here’s the back:

Marnier 4

A Royal Haiku:

A smooth burnt orange

delicately drizzled on

tasty crepes suzette!

So there’s one of my top secret new projects. There’s another that should surface sometime tomorrow (Fingers crossed for the United States Postal System). I’d like to remind you all that Holiday season will soon be upon us – don’t be the last one without goodies for your loved ones! Send me an email at, and I will cook you up some amazing, unique, and completely custom new plush! If you can think it up – I can make it plush!

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