Feeling Down?

Cheer up! With a little help from this guy.


Introducing the Better-than-a-Boyfriend Bot!


He’s always there . . . because he can’t move.


Here’s his control panel – all of his dials and buttons to be pushed and programmed!


The Robotic Haiku:

Manipulate me!

I will never run away.

I rather like it.


So much love! I made this piece special for a dear friend of mine who’s been down on her romantic luck. Then I wrote the wrong address on the box, and shipped this guy out to wander around NYC for a few weeks. Then I found him back on my dining room table! Then I wrote the correct address on the box, and now he has a cozy spot all his own in the Big Apple.


See? A little love goes along way. There’s never a bad reason to send someone you love something special to let them know!

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