Making History

There’s some big news a-brewing at the PterodactylPants headquarters –

The monthly PterodactylPants Haiku contest!

Just when you thought this beacon of craftiness couldn’t get any better!

Meet my newest:

The Blue Barnacle


Avast, Matey!

Barnacle 2

And the back:

Barnacle 3

And a close-up of the barnacles! These took me a week to finish, seriously.

Barnacle 4

So, here’s the deal: Want to win this very awesome and never before seen plush? Well, it’s easy! I think up a haiku to accompany each piece I create. All you need to do is think up the haiku that best fits this new creature, and post it as a comment. You’ve got until next Sunday night, October 12th, 7 pm to get your entries in.

Before you break out in a nervous sweat – let me assure you that haiku writing is easy and fun! Just think up a quick 3 lines made up of 5, 7, and 5 syllables (in that order).

Here’s a quick example of one of mine from a previous post:


A Predatorial Haiku:

My tummy rumbles.

You won’t hear me sneaking up

On my tippy toes.

See? It’s just that easy and fun! And the winner will win this very magical plush creature that they have so deftly haiku-ed. So get those haikus in – submit as many as you’d like! A mere three lines stand between you and a life-long plush companion, or a fantastic (and free) holiday gift for someone you love. Tell your friends! Anyone can win! And stay tuned for more contests to come – I’m hoping to be able to hold them on the 5th of every month from here on out.

Yay! Now get crackin’!

33 thoughts on “Making History

  1. The best thing about you
    is your beautiful blue heart
    the buttons is plus

    why do I want you?
    Not to eat or look at you
    just to sleep with you

    the best thing about plush
    is not that is light or soft
    it just feels like love


  2. love for a blue plush
    is like eating lots of food
    they both satisfy

    thinking of your blue
    is like thinking of a sky
    it is all so blue


  3. I will pimp my ride
    hanging you in the mirror
    it will be very fun

    the first lady I meet
    this blue plush I will present
    in love she will fall


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