Demon Spawn


If Demons or Devils or Dracula were amphibious. . . the tadpoles would probably look like this:

spawn 1

I consider this to be an extension of my true love – the plush maggot. It’s all quite larval. (Is larval a word? It should be!) This plush is dark and pensive. A tortured grub of evil!

spawn 2

Halloween is right around the corner! The Demon Spawn will be up for sale in my Etsy shop later tonight, if you’re feeling like you can’t live without it!

Spawn 3

A Hellish Haiku:

My affinity

For deviled eggs is rather


Spawn 4

Don’t forget to get your Blue Barnacle Haikus in before Sunday if you want to win the Haiku contest! Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far – the entries are fantastic!

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