The Haiku Haiku

Hello, plush loving friends! I have been overjoyed at the entries you guys have submitted to the haiku contest – they have made me smile every day for the past week!

Thank you to Judy K, Dasi, Kristen, Amon, Sarah, Morgen, Austin, Jeannie, Tom, Luke, Gustav, and many others whose names, I’m fairly sure, have been made up! Since all the haikus have been SO GOOD, I’ve decided to pick the winner in the most fair way I can – a random drawing. You are all in the running, and on the edges of your seats, I’m sure, to hear the winner announced. There’s still time for those of you who have been carefully crafting your lines but have yet to post! Get those haikus in before 7 pm tomorrow (Central time) and you, too, can be in the running to receive this Brilliant Blue Barnacle!

Here’s a haiku I’ve written about writing haikus:

The Haiku Haiku

Crammed into three lines

And seventeen syllables,

I’m apt to explode!

blue barnacle

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