Angel Spawn

What is the only creature that, even in its larval state, can stand up to the evil powers of the Demon Spawn?

The Angel Spawn, of course!!

angel spawn

The angel spawn is very large, with long cloudy-white feet that make it very difficult to photograph in my little light-box.

angel spawn 2

The eyes are made of light particles from Elysian rainbows.

Angel Spawn 3

The Angel Spawn has wings, of course, but little baby ones. It is still learning to fly.

An Elysian Haiku:

I’ve emanated

From heavenly plains above

To battle evil!

This critter will be available in my Etsy Shop soon. You can take home the Demon Spawn and the Angel Spawn together!

In other news, I’m sure you are all holding your breath, waiting to hear who has won the first ever PterodactylPants Plush Haiku Contest! Well, the results are in, and the lucky winner is:

Kristen, with this Blue Barnacle Haiku:

Lonely barnacle,

Weeps on the stern of a ship,

Needs a friend to hug.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I had such a blast reading all the entries. Don’t forget that you’ll have a chance to win an original PterodactylPants plush piece every month, so check back on November 5th for our next contest.

3 thoughts on “Angel Spawn

  1. Hi! I got your email, I’ve emailed you my address twice… I’m not sure why you’re not getting it. I think you’re spam filter might not be letting it through… Do you have an alternate email or another way to send it to you?


  2. Oh! Joy! Double Joy! This is the best! Well second best after the little maggot that arrived today ready for some secret Toy Society business. I might just have to make the briefing for the maggot’s mission quite long so I can admire it for a bit longer before I set it free.

    I love the Haikus!


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