Meet another in the PterodactylPants family – Odilon the Cyclops. I named this monster after its favorite painter – Odilon Redon. It’s a great name, after all. It’s no surprise either, that Odilon the Cyclops loves this painting the best. (Creepy and awesome – like my plush!)

I am toying with the idea of adding protective spikes to the elbows, as one-eyed Odilon has horrible depth perception and bumps into things all the time.

The fuzzy middle part is NOT a huge hairball after all – just a fuzzy belly perfect for cuddling up to on a chilly winter’s evening! And those arms are sooo long – perfect for hugging!

A Post Impressionist Haiku:

My knuckles may drag.

They snagged when I crawled from the

Primordial ooze.

One thought on “Odilon

  1. i want to talk to you about the naked lady in the redon painting you linked to. is this odysseus’ cyclops? because there were def no naked ladies on his island. is redon rewriting classical mythology?!?


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