Demon Spawn

Creepy! If Demons or Devils or Dracula were amphibious. . . the tadpoles would probably look like this: I consider this to be an extension of my true love – the plush maggot. It’s all quite larval. (Is larval a word? It should be!) This plush is dark and pensive. A tortured grub of evil! … More Demon Spawn

Making History

There’s some big news a-brewing at the PterodactylPants headquarters – The monthly PterodactylPants Haiku contest! Just when you thought this beacon of craftiness couldn’t get any better! Meet my newest: The Blue Barnacle Avast, Matey! And the back: And a close-up of the barnacles! These took me a week to finish, seriously. So, here’s the … More Making History

Birthday Blues!

Literally. It’s a birthday present . . . and it’s blue. Carolina blue! A Thoughtfully Proactive Maggot Haiku: The birthday cake leans Precariously. Eat it before it topples! There’s no better birthday present for a 26 year old than a maggot, right? Happy Birthday, Clay! Go Heels!