Eagle vs. Shark

Is a hilarious movie that apparently no one in Chicago has seen . . . or ever heard of. But Ian and I decided to make our own elaborate and sewing intensive costumes based on this very random, yet awesome movie.

This is what we were aiming for:

This is what we ended up with:

I post this here to explain why my blog has been silent for the past few days. And also to say that this costume took me A WEEK to make. I am very proud of it – it’s huge and has a wire armature inside to keep it (precariously) perched above my head. Consider it life-sized plush that you can wear! And wear it I did – I even managed to push through a crowded bar at the end of the night and got a lot of funny looks while I did.

My newest plush creation should be completed this weekend! Check back soon to see that one.

And don’t forget that the second PterodactylPants Haiku Contest is on for November 5th – right around the corner!

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