Callianassa – The Sea Nymph Spawn

This is the third dazzling piece in my spawn series – the Sea Nymph Spawn. I’ll be honest – I am IN LOVE with this piece, and I can’t really bring myself to put it up for sale.

I found an old baby blanket at the thrift store last week – one of those really nubby, soft ones that had obviously had a lot of years of love behind it. I popped it in the washing machine, and it came out even softer. I used the entire length of the blanket to make this creature, which is why this thing is 40 inches tall – it’s HUGE!

This is one of  my cuddliest creations to date – it’s just really fun to have around. Now that I think about it, it would probably be criminal NOT to put this up for sale. It will make someone so happy!

I had to take this one out of my dungeon-like apartment to get some better body shots.

Here we are posing in the park.

A Nereid Haiku:

The squall threatened to

Consume your pontoon until

You called upon me.

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