PterodactylPants Down Under

Look where my plush is today!

My little green Walrus Maggot (remember that one?) has escaped from my apartment and made its way to Australia, of all places! How did it manage to get so far? It will now have the honor of being one of the many plush creations of the Toy Society – where one lucky and unsuspecting Australian will get to take it home! Check out their website for more details. I am elated to be a part of such an awesome project. 


One thought on “PterodactylPants Down Under

  1. Thank you Miss Pterodactylpants, what an honor and a joy. While other contestants (like Morgen for example) exhibit a talent far beyond my own ability, I will gladly care for this lovable slug as he joins the family of plush already living in my bed. Cocoa and Jimmy are preparing for his arrival. Best of luck to you, Miss Pterodactylpants, I hope we can meet in person one day.


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