Calling All Chicagoans!

Are you going to be in the Chicago area this weekend? Do you need to buy some holiday goodies for your friends before time runs out? Come to the Depart-Ment Show! It’s handmade heaven! I got a sneak preview of it today, and whoa. I don’t know how I’m going to keep from spending all the money I make on other people’s treasures!

Here’s the info:

at AV-aerie (formerly open-end)
2000 w. fulton *310, chicago
cash only/atm onsite

Here’s a glimpse of what my colorful setup looks like:

Check out the hand-drawn signage.

Buy some plush . . . or some cards, dresses, pins, purses, wall art, scarves, doilies, baby T-shirts, you name it – it’s at Depart-Ment!

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