The Endoskeleton

When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher told the class stories to help us learn the sounds of the letters in the Hebrew Alphabet. One fateful day we gathered around her on the magic carpet as she wove the tale of the letter chet. Long ago, this letter was sitting at home eating dinner when it suddenly started choking on a fish bone. It ran all over the place trying to dislodge the inconvenient bone, making sounds like “Acccchhhhhhhh!” “Aaacccccchhhh!”

Sadly, I don’t recall the story ending well. I am pretty sure the letter Chet didn’t make it. At least, that’s how I remember it.

Thus, the sound of the letter Chet. It sounds just like you’re clearing your throat. This is officially referred to as the voiceless uvular fricative. (ha!)

For years I was petrified every time my mom made salmon steaks, with all the tiny little bones in them. I could taste my untimely demise with every bite of that succulent fish (My mom makes really good salmon)!

Which brings me to my latest plush.


For obvious reasons. I love fish. Bones and all. Raw or cooked.

A Posthumous Haiku:

A yank of the hook,

The clang of your knife and fork.

I am digested!

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