Winners and Vegetables

(Disclaimer: I apologize for any weirdness in the format and photos on this post – I am on a Mac while my laptop is in the hospital and it has been my experience that My Blog + Macs = Bad.)

Your entries this month were so good.

Thanks to everyone who stretched their creative muscles and wrote a haiku.

This little Banana Escape plush is certainly a prize!

And the (randomly chosen!) winner is . . .


With this:

Potassium love

Tiny, cuddly banana

Two legs, no brown spots.

Congratulations, Nat! Send me an email with your address, and the little yellow plush will be on its way to you!


Now, here’s the twist. This month we have an extra-special super sneaky giveaway going on – to one unsuspecting plush fan.

Behold – The Broccolli!


This was plain old FUN to make, and entirely experimental. I can’t look at the tiny broccolli-face without laughing. This month I’m sending this guy out to Morgen – a loyal haiku-ist and follower of the Pants! This haiku from him this month had me extra-tickled when I read it:

My mouth may be stitched

But I’m ecstatic to be

A fantastic Fruit.

Well done, Morgen! I love it.

Thanks again to everyone. My computer should be back in the game within a week – but cross your fingers for me just in case.

5 thoughts on “Winners and Vegetables

  1. I’ll tell you what’s extra- special and super…it’s your blog. Your broccolli gave me a very good laugh-out-loud start to my day.


  2. I agree. I also like this broccoli – especially the diamond-shaped hole. I get a super-mario bros feeling from this!


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