The Root of All . . . Plush

Here it is – the Tree Nymph Spawn. Similar to the Sea Nymph Spawn. A mysterious being that has emanated from the forest floor.


Its limbs are sinewy – much like a vine or a root. It was suggested I name this piece the Root of All Evil – which I love! Too bad this spawn isn’t quite evil enough for such a moniker.  I’ll be saving that name for something more sinister.


Much like barnacles . . . these tortoise shell buttons are more like patches of ancient lichen.

An Arboreal Haiku:

Tiny outcroppings

Of ancient fungus tell us

My life spans eons.


One thought on “The Root of All . . . Plush

  1. WOW this one seems to be moving before our very eyes. A bit sinister in the way ancient or primordial creatures can be.I’d be wary of meeting this one….except on your couch.


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