Plucked from the depth of Amazonia, comes my newest creation –

The Topiary!


Once-feral shrubbery, gone tame.


With berries!

A Poisonous Haiku:

Harvest my berries.

Mix up toxic concoctions

For your enemies.

This is another piece, like the screamer, that I threw together for fun. It reminds me of the illustrations from a series of book my parents read to me when I was a kid. Specifically, the James Marshall illustrations from the Miss Nelson books by Harry Allard. Remember Miss Viola Swamp? Perhaps none of you are familiar with these books? You’ll have to trust me.

In other news, I am working to crank out some new Escapes (which I call ‘Bursting with Monster Love’ in my Etsy shop) since my first two sold out so fast! It’s easy for me because I love to make them. Check my shop for new pieces in the next few days.

3 thoughts on “Horticulture

  1. I see the Viola Swamp resemblance, you are absolutely right! So glad all that reading made a lasting impression… love you.


  2. I don’t know who Miss Viola Swamp is. (Lana, what is your explanation for that? Were you skipping pages?)

    But your creation is wonderful, Jess.


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