Fortuitous Fuzz

Well, it’s the nature of the season.

I have made a plush rabbit.

If you go poke around on Etsy you’ll find all sorts of rabbits abounding like . . . well, rabbits.


Here’s my version. It’s a nod to my original FuzzyBottom design, but entirely new.


Rabbits love carrots, right?


I’m tickled over this piece. I just love it. As a burgeoning artist, the most important thing to me right now is creating an original aesthetic. I want to create plush that no one has even thought of before, let alone made. There’s a lot of copy-catting going on in the crafting, do-it-yourself community, and it stinks. Some don’t consider a crafter’s original works to be artistically valuable enough to respect his or her copyrights. I try to respect all the artists who have come before me by creating my own designs.


I think the next one I make will have a little puffy white tail.

A Jumpy Haiku:

Like those before me,

I’m a tricky fella and

My foot is lucky.

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