Technologic Catastrophe.

Well, loyal plushists and Pterodactyl followers . . . the unthinkable has happened. My trusty laptop has bit the big one.  Along with all the data on the hard drive. ALL THE DATA. All of my beautiful plush pictures! Unfortunately, my blog may be a little quiet during the upcoming days while I try to … More Technologic Catastrophe.

Phloem Bundles

That’s the name of those little strings inside the banana. I did not know that until a few seconds ago! With that in mind, we have come to yet another PterodactylPants Haiku contest! If only every day could be the 5th of the month! Meet the Mini Banana Escape I put George Washington in there … More Phloem Bundles

The Endoskeleton

When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher told the class stories to help us learn the sounds of the letters in the Hebrew Alphabet. One fateful day we gathered around her on the magic carpet as she wove the tale of the letter chet. Long ago, this letter was sitting at home eating dinner when … More The Endoskeleton

Mini Escape

A mini version. This one is about 9″ x9″. The other one is over a foot tall! Both are up for sale in my Etsy Shop.