Maggots on Benches

Months ago I sent my Mini Walrus Maggot over to the folks at the Toy Society in Australia. Since then their project has blown up into a huge global plush-dropping operation! It’s so fun to read the notes from the unsuspecting people that find these randomly placed plush. 

So the Mini Walrus Maggot waits for its new friend to come along and find it. 

You can see it waiting here

And it got found!! Here’s the note:

“Thank you for leaving this toy at Doll Point.
My 1 year old daughter’s grandpa found it while taking her for a walk on 24 April 2009. She took an instant loving to the walrus. It has been named Wally Walrus!
Thank you toy society. This little gift has made my little girl’s day!”

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