To Market! (An Apology)

I have two apologies to make. 

1. So sorry I missed Haiku contest day yesterday!

2. So sorry that I am going to have to bypass it entirely this month. 

I am in the Pacific Northwest celebrating my niece-to-be, by “showering” her and my sister with plush presents! 


Here’s a glimpse of what she’s getting. It’s the veggie mobile in the pre-mobile stage. A basket of fruits and veggies fresh from the farmer’s market! Doesn’t it make your mouth water?


I scored the basket and the vintage country tea towel at a local thrift store. 

A farm-fresh haiku:

To Market, I say! 

I’ll trade fuzzy veggies for 

A wheel of your cheese. 

2 thoughts on “To Market! (An Apology)

  1. hi jessie, welcome to the pacific northwest! your veggies are adorable and i am your new niece and sister will love these! i’m near tacoma…sorry you missed the sun last week!


  2. Colorful ripe fruit
    Plush palatable veggies
    Yum, tactile delights!

    Haiku or not, your plush veggies are a delight and were fun to play with at the shower. Many thumbs up on the robot, too.


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