Wrap You Up in a Burlap Sack

What could possibly be inside this mysterious (and beautifully handcrafted) sack?


Wait! I see something peeking out! Could it be . . . ?


A potato! Or two?!sack-of-potatoes6

Four potatoes?!


Indeed. All handmade without a pattern to ensure that they are one of a kind. I whipped up the bag, too, all by myself with some natural colored cotton/linen fabric I got at a fantastic thrift store in Eugene, OR. The buttons on the closure strings are some vintage leather numbers I picked up a huge yard sale/antique market/swap meet thingy I went to down at Soldier Field a few months ago. Quite an eclectic piece! Would you like it? Buy it here.

A starchy haiku:

No need for concern!

We are just snug as four spuds

In a burlap sack.


Don’t forget to get those haikus in for this month’s contest – you’ve got until Sunday at 7.

That adorable piglet could be yours! For free!

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