I have neglected you and I feel so . . . bad! I have been neglecting my sewing machine somewhat, too. What have I been up to, you ask? Well, I’m helping a friend out with his costume for the upcoming National Air Guitar Championships in DC next week. Yes, you read that correctly. Air Guitar.

I’ll be sure to post those pics next week.

I’ve got another  custom piece in the works, too, which I am slowly getting started on. It’s a shame, too, because I am just bursting with new design ideas! Every day I’m scratching away on random bits of paper. There a million little plushies floating around in the ether that I am dying to make, but it’s not quite time yet. There should be some great new members of the PterodactylPants plush family in the coming months.

So, dear plush fans, I’ll leave you with this photo I took a few weeks ago in Cleveland – a city which may seem to be without many charms, but is actually quite beautiful.


That’s my bridesmaid bouquet from a friend’s wedding and a fountain in downtown Cleveland. Nice, right? Stay tuned for more plush soon – and don’t forget the haiku contest coming up on the 5th!

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  1. Very nice picture. Too bad Cleveland is often stereotyped as dull and poor, a rusted out industrial has-been. I bike all through the city on Sunday mornings and never fail to think what a fine, and interesting place it is. Dare I say it…it can be down right beautiful. And the weather is great too…most of the time.


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