The Astraphobe

From the snow-capped mountains of Scandinavia comes the small-yet-mighty Astraphobe.

Yes, he may have an unreasonable fear of thunder, but he makes up for it other ways.


He has Super Snuggle Power – which means, when you cuddle with this little monster during a thunderstorm, he eats up all of your worries.

Those startling claps and bolts become a light show not more frightening than the Aurora Borealis.


He proudly wears the thundercloud on his back to symbolize his special power.


It is rumored that the Astraphobe was once a close friend of the Norse Deity Thor, God of Thunder and many other things.

Did you know that Thursday is actually Thors’s-day? True!


A Stormy Haiku:

When storm clouds draw near,

Cuddle me close and I will

Eat up all your fear!

**Don’t forget the August Haiku Contest! Winner of the Orange Roughy will be chosen this Wednesday at 7 pm!**

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