Making Headlines

PterodactylPants has been creating quite a stir lately. What started as teeny ripples in the world wide web have become huge waves!

1. My beloved Etsy has featured one of my Maggots in a blog showcase recently. You can read the article here, entitled Keep it Weird, Etsy!: Animal Instinct. (Fitting, right?) Scroll down the the showcase at the bottom to see my Classic Maggot in Turtle Green.

2. Someone out there got wind of the Plushteam’s latest challenge – and has featured a PterodactylPants piece front and center! Check out Mr. X Stitch here!

3. Speaking of – voting is now open on the Plushteam’s Woodstock Challenge. Remember those muddy lovers I made? Go vote for them! Anyone can vote. Vote Vote Vote!

4. Lastly, you may recall that I was working on a costume for a friend of mine a few weeks ago. He rocked it at the US Air Guitar Championships in DC last week, and the costume looked GREAT! Here’s a photo of the illustrious Romeo Dance Cheetah.


Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the whole ensemble. I can claim the furry leg warmers, the shoulder caps, and the crazy collar piece.

You can watch his entire performance below. Beware, though, Air Guitar is no joke!

So, I guess I can add costume maiden to my ever-growing repertoire. Do you need to look super awesome any time soon? I can help!

2 thoughts on “Making Headlines

  1. Mr X Stitch has good taste putting your Hippies at the top of his favorites. Pterodactylpants is awesome!! Nice going Jess.


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