Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Is coming up in October. My beloved Plushteam is participating in an inspired fundraiser for the cause. We are all chipping in, creating new and original plush pieces to promote breast cancer awareness. Here are some of the entries so far:


A Plush Deer in Pink from Emily at Follow the White Rabbit


a OoAKie from GreenStarStudio


The Boob Pillowcase from Christina Ward


Hope from Leeanna Butcher


A Pink Aphid from WeirdBugLady


The Venus of Willendorf from Zfla

Amazing, right? There are still more to come, since the deadline is October 1. All of these pieces will be available for purchase in the Plushteam Etsy shop after October 1. 80% of the proceeds go to the Susan G Komen Institute.

Ready to see mine?

The Breast Mace


Self explanatory, yes?


Join the fight against breast cancer.

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