And a Baby . . . Carrot!

In case you need another dose of cute, I present to you:


The Baby Carrot!

Like I said – veggies with faces.


To give you a sense of scale.

It reminds me of all the teeny tiny carrots I pulled out of my garden when I was a teeny tiny girl. I was so impatient to get those carrots out of the ground, I don’t think I EVER grew one to full size. They were always gone in one bite!

A Wee Bitty Haiku:

You may see my plume

A leafy-green protrusion –

But don’t you dare pull!

I’m still plugging away at new creatures for my upcoming show:

I’ll be at the West Side show on the 12th and 13th. Come stop by and see me! It’ll be my first big show with my own table and everything! I couldn’t be more pumped for it.

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