They’re Here

Finally! Yes, Mom. Keychains! Or cell phone charms. She’s been telling me to make these for years. I’ve decided to follow her advice for the upcoming show in Cleveland. These are just some preliminary prototypes I’ve whipped up before I begin the mass-production.

keychains1What do you think? Here we have a ravioli, a maggot, and a computer from the 80’s.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to tell what the computer is at first glance. To me, it’s obvious!


I absolutely love it. It reminds me of those old school computers we used in computer class in 5th grade – the ones with ms dos (is that even what it was called?) operating system. Number Munchers!

Here’s the sketch, it may look a bit more like the original.


Ok! That’s all for now.

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