It All Makes Sense.

When people ask me why I make plush (after a long and rambling explanation of what plush is in the first place, from me) I find myself at a loss. I love to do it, I don’t know why. I started doing it one day out of the blue, on a whim. I had a sewing machine, I had some time on my hands, an innocent nudge from my boyfriend to pursue some creative projects, and Poof! PterodactylPants was born.

How do I come up with my designs? Again, no idea. I make whatever tickles me. It all comes from the gut, from instinct. Why question it? Just roll with it.

Until . . .

I started on this latest Unicorn Craze. I have finally mastered the Unicorn design (the third time’s the charm!), and I’ve taken a giant step toward discovering the source of my creative wellspring.


Above we have the latest and final Unicorn: Fabulous, no?


These are the first two versions. (The first one is available in my shop, if you’re interested!)

Partway through my struggle I realized where these purple and pink unicorns came from:


This is Jessie, the proud unicorn! My subconscious has officially burst forth and slapped me in the face!

In a good way.


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